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3 - Salut de ... (numbered)

These cards were printed by the printing company Mehner and Maas, Leipzig.

The serial numbers given in the title are Mehner and Maas serial numbers and are not assigned by Ludwigsohn. They are sometimes found in the front of the card, other times on the back middle or left-bottom.

The reverse side of the cards have both divided and undivided backs in random serial number order.

There are various for the same cards where "Salut de Constantinople" is written with different fonts. Cards can also be found with "Salut de Brousse" or "Salut de l'Orient" or just "Constantinople" titles. Some cards do not have titles at all.

As the numbers are M&M serial numbers, other countrie have similar cards with serial numbers on them. Egyptian cards, for example, can be found with similar serial numbers on the back.

Based on the evidence on the card number 6200 and postcard booklets published, the Salut de ... cards were sold by Ludwigsohn. I also believe that these cards were also sold in other cities/countries with different titles (such as Constantinople, Salut de Orient, or no main title but with title of the card only).

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