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Hilal-i Ahmer

Red Crescent Society

These cards were printed for promotional and fundraising purposes at different times but for simplicity I am considering them as a single series. Ther are at least 24 cards.

There are some recurring motives in the cards that I call subseries:

One such subseries is made up of 3 cards showing an amputee getting up from the bed (1), receiving a prosthetic leg (2) and standing in full uniform saluting the sitting nurse (3) (Amputee).

Another subseries is made up of 3 cards showing the red crescent ship doing a search and rescue operation at sea (Search and Rescue).

A third subseries shows various patients receiving care from the nurses at the hospital. A picture of the hospital is also considered part of this series (Receiving Care at the Hospital).

There are also cards showing the care at the war zone, such as carrying an injured man, the ambulance carriage, tents.

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